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Certain Qur’anic Ladies

Article 4, Volume 25, Number 302, Spring 2012 XML
Document Type: Religion
In verse 8 of chapter 93 of the Holy Qur’an, we read: “And He (Allah) found you in need, then made you rich.” According to certain commentators of...
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Certain Qur’anic Ladies

By: Zahra Ijlal

Translated by: N. Towhidi

Her Holiness Khadijah (SA)

In verse 8 of chapter 93 of the Holy Qur’an, we read: “And He (Allah) found you in need, then made you rich.” According to certain commentators of the Holy Qur’an, this verse refers to Her Holiness Khadijah (SA) who being very pious and righteous, offered all her wealth to her esteemed husband, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who used that wealth in the way of Allah and Allah’s religion. There are also a number of Prophetic Narrations (Ravayat) pointing to the truth of this commentary. Her Holiness Khadijah (SA) was a great source of material, emotional and spiritual enrichment and relief for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) of Islam from the very start of her marriage to His Holiness till the last moment of her blessed life. The fact that Her Holiness Fatima (SA) – Alkawthar – The ever-lasting celestial Fountain of blessing and abundance was born to that exalted couple also testifies to the truth of this claim.

Her Holiness Khadijah (SA) was the first lady to believe in the Divine prophetic Mission of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) of Islam and one of the world’s four greatest ladies according to her exalted husband, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the other three being her beloved daughter Fatima (SA), Maryam (SA) and Asiyah (SA).

Her Holiness Khadijah (SA) was the best symbol of piety, benevolence and self-sacrifice. Even before her blessed marriage to Allah’s last Messenger she was known as the mother of the orphans since she used her wealth and abilities to support the needy, the widows and the orphans. No wonder the Holy Prophet (PBUH) repeatedly said about Her Holiness after her demise: “May        Allah bless Khadijah. The like  of Khadijah can be found nowhere…” May Allah exalt the position of that great lady in Heavens.

And last but by no means the least, we find the perfect manifestation of the lofty character of all these Qur’anic ladies in the celestial person of Her Holiness  Fatimah Al-Zahra (SA) the beloved daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Her Holiness Khadijah (SA). Indeed whatever praise-worthy quality which the Holy Qur’an has attributed to each of these blessed ladies has also been attributed to Her Holiness Fatimah (SA). Numerous verses of the Holy Qur’an have been referred to by Islamic commentators as describing her Holiness Fatimah(SA) including each Qur’anic verse in which  Maryam (SA) Prophet Isa’s mother and all other devout ladies have been praised for their chastity, asceticism, devotion, piety, selfless obedience to Allah and stead-fastness in the way of fulfilling Allah’s commands. We know one of the titles of Her Holiness         Fatimah (SA) is Maryam Al-Kubra- the greater Maryam (the greater Mary) which reveals the fact that all lofty qualities attributed to Maryam (SA) existed in   Fatimah (SA) to a greater degree. And so the fact that lady Maryam (SA), Prophet Isa’s (AS) mother has been mentioned and praised more often than the other praise-worthy  ladies (34 times) in the Holy Qur’an directly and indirectly, means that all such praises are applicable to Lady Fatimah (SA) even more:

“Thereupon her Lord accepted her with a gracious acceptance, and made her grow up in a worthy fashion, and He charged Zechariah with her care. Whenever Zechariah visited her in the sanctuary, he would find provisions with her. He said, ‘O Mary, from where does this come for you?’ She said, ‘It comes from Allah. Allah provides whomever He wishes without any reckoning.’  “The Holy Qur’an , Al-I Imran: 37

“And when the angels said, ‘O Mary, Allah has chosen you and purified you, and He has chosen you above the world’s women.”  The Holy Qur’an , Al-I Imran: 42

“When the angels said,’ O Mary, Allah gives you the good news of a Word from Him whose name is Messiah, Jesus,(Isa) son of Mary, distinguished in the world and the Hereafter, and one of those brought near[to Allah].”  The Holy Qur’an, Al-I Imran: 45.

“And Mary, daughter of Imran, who guarded the chastity of her womb, so we breathed into it of Our spirit.  She confirmed the words of her Lord and His Books, and she was one of the obedient.”  The Holy Qur’an, Al-Tahrim: 37

“Qanit” from “Qunoot” signifies worship and prayer coupled with modesty and humbleness (to Allah) which no doubt has been among outstanding virtues of all such devout ladies, in particular Lady Fatimah (SA) and Lady Maryam (SA) both of whom (according to the Holy Prophet (PBUH)have been at the highest levels of perfection and have also had unique purities including purity from menstruation. And Lady Fatimah (SA) has also been a perfect symbol of fasting for Allah and giving in charity in the way of Allah. In verse 7 of chapter 76 of the Holy Qur’an we read about those who fulfill their vow…”

According to the majority of the Sunni and Shi’a commentators, these verses of the Holy Qur’an refer to the vow (Nadhr) made by the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Imam Ali (AS) and Her Holiness Fatimah (SA) to fast for three successive days for the healing of their beloved sons - Imam Hasan (AS) and Imam Hussein (AS) (who had got ill) and who gave the bread they had prepared for their Iftar (breaking their fast) in charity to the needy, themselves going hungry (for three successive days and three successive nights) and breaking their fast just with water, following which noble conduct and selfless benevolence, Allah revealed those verses regarding them. Likewise, verses 9 and 11 of chapter 76, signifies their praise- worthy love for Allah and self-sacrifice in the way of Allah which sublime attribute according to the Holy Qur’an will be rewarded with unending blessings in paradise. (76:12) And verse 10 of the same chapter refers to the deep faith those purified members of the Household of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) including Lady Fatimah (SA) had in the Day of Judgment and in Allah’s justice.

So, no wonder Lady Fatimah (SA) has been regarded by her exalted Father – The Holy Prophet (PBUH) as “the first to enter the Paradise.”   May she intercede for us with Allah.

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